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Therapy for Individual Adults 

Something's "off." 
Let's do something about it.

You might know exactly what's going on in your life or relationships that needs change. Or, like many of our clients, you can't quite put your fingers on it. You just know you're feeling stuck, you're struggling, or your relationship isn't what you want it to be.
You know that when you look at your life, it doesn't feel the way you wish it did. 


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We will take our time to fully understand your story, experiences and challenges. Setting goals along the way that are individually tailored to you. 

We’ll help you get to the root of what’s going on, and then work alongside you to change it.

We do this by exploring the patterns in your history, understanding your experience. Then we work to allow insight and new meanings to create new patterns of understanding and response. 

We all need support from time to time and asking for help can be tough. Know that you’re not alone.

We Can Help With:


  • Dating

  • Break Up/Divorce

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Parenting 

Mood and Emotions

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Feeling "stuck"

  • Stress and Burn Out 

Life and Career

  • Grief and Loss

  • Transitions in life

  • Military Life

  • High Performance 

  • Work Life balance


  • Sexual Identity 

  • Trauma

  • Women's Issues

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Finding ourselves. 

Whether you struggle with anxiety or depression, find yourself struggling in your relationship or post one, working through trauma or are working through pain or grief of change, we want to be a comforting and safe place to land to find clarity and resolve. 



This is the place for you to feel seen and heard. We want you to have the space to not only express yourself but to find agency and safety to see patterns, create meaning, and find the clarity you need.


Ever Progressing

Our goals are to help you achieve yours. Our evidenced based roadmap will guide you towards building a deeper resilience, a clearer sense of self, and stronger, healthier relationships.



We may be the guides but you are the true explorers on this journey. We never assume to be the expert of you and your life. We want to step into this place with you to help guide you towards a more "whole" version of you.



Moment by moment, experience can shift and change and right along side you, we want to help you experience the healing, repair, and shift you long for in your life and in your relationships. 

Get unstuck and understand yourself better. 

Lets get you started...

1722 Keller Parkway 

Keller, TX 76248


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We will be in touch shortly!

  • Do you take insurance?
    We are not in-network with any insurance providers. Insurance does not often cover couples work and requires a mental health diagnosis which can impact our approach, and length of sessions. We take a holistic, client centered approach to counseling, looking at the whole person/relationship and their unique situation. We also strive to protect your information and keep our work confidential, which can be impacted by insurance providers. We do work with Mentaya, a platform that helps clients get money back on out-of-network therapy sessions. If you have out-of-network benefits, Mentaya will file claims and handle the insurance paperwork to make sure you get reimbursed. We are also happy to provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement.
  • Do you offer virtual sessions?
    We offer both in office sessions and virtual sessions through our secure online platform!
  • How long does therapy last?
    This is dependent on you and your situation. Every client is different with varying needs. It is not uncommon for clients to be in treatment for a year or more. However, please know, my intention is never to "keep you in the book" but rather to meet you where you are and be transparent with the work
  • What is the cost?
    $3200. This includes the initial consultation and assessment, assessment materials and review, individual sessions for both partners, and 3 days of intentional focus on your relationship.
  • Is it worth it?
    Traditional weekly couples therapy can cost around $150-$250 in the DFW metroplex. This would be around $7,200-$12,000 for a year of work. So undoubtedly, this would be a more affordable approach and would also save you 3-4 months of traditional therapy. Wall Street Journal Article on benefits Not to mention the cost of separation or divorce in Texas. In Texas the average cost of divorce ranges from $15,600- $23,500, not to mention the emotional and physical toll it takes on you and your family. For more info click here.
  • What happens during the initial consultation?
    Consultations are 20-30 minutes over zoom. Both partners need to be present. This is a time to talk about what is bringing you in, your needs and to set expectations. A good mutual fit is so important and the initial consultation gives us a deeper look into that potential.
  • What happens after a consultation?
    If its a good fit, we get you scheduled for our next available intensive and get forms and consents sent to you through our secure online portal. Forms and deposit are required within 1 week of the consultation.
  • How do we prepare for an intensive?
    I highly encourage and recommend reading or listening to Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson as this creates understanding and an initial foundation of the work that will be done during the intensive.
  • What if we need to cancel/reschedule our intensive?
    Intensives are normally scheduled a month out to give adequate time to prepare and plan. The three days are reserved specially for you. Should there be any change or need to cancel/reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Your deposit is non-refundable however, can be placed towards a rescheduled intensive.
  • What if I'm not sure this is for us?
    Thats okay! We'd be happy to set up a consultation to explore a bit more with you your case and find the best fit for you!
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