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Emotion focused therapy is a gold standard approach to couples therapy

What is Emotion Focused Therapy?

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Hold me tight, emotion focused therapy
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Also known as EFT, is an APA gold standard approach to couples therapy created by Dr. Sue Johnson. Backed by over 30 years of research, EFT is an effective form of therapy that helps people understand and improve their emotional connections with others and themselves.

EFT has created a roadmap that helps couples and individuals identify the roadblocks that impact closeness and intimacy and helps them understand themselves and each other in more secure and intimate ways. 

EFT is attachment based. We all long to have secure and healthier relationships with others and EFT helps bring clarity to bonds that have been strained or under distress. It helps partners understand each others moves differently, brings clarity to the cycle that enters the room and disconnects you from one another, and helps creates paths to exit that cycle. 

EFT is active and engaging. It's not just about, learning about what happens in your relationship or learning skills but feeling and experiencing both the negative cycle and the healing shifts of change. 


EFT can help both individuals and couples recover a loving bond, find healing, build safety in intimacy, and redefine wholeness in relationships. 

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