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Chairs signifying a couple being intentional and focused on reconnecting and working on their relationship

Couples Intensive Therapy 

Creating an intentional space, focused on your relationship.

Your relationship is precious, so is your time. You know you need help, you're just not sure where to start. Our intensives provide a space for couples to unpack the stuck places and slow down the friction causing distance to begin rebuilding and restoring closeness and understanding. 

We get it - feeling stuck and hopeless is so painful. We want to help you get to the root of it with focus and efficiency.  

Our intensives focus on creating space for each of you to feel heard and understood, bring clarity to the stuck places, and rebuilding the safety you both long for.

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Is This For Us?


"We're never on the same page."

"We aren't connecting like we used to."

"We keep getting stuck in endless fights."

"We fight about the same things all the time" 

"I never get it right."

"I dont feel them "here" anymore." 

"It feels like we're roommates." 

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone

Intensives are great for couples who: 

  • Can't make weekly sessions work. 

  • Feeling stuck or have stalled in therapy

  • Both partners are committed and motivated towards the work.

  • In a Crisis

  • Wanting relief sooner. 

Intensives may not be a fit for couples who:

  • One or both partners in active addiction.

  • Those in ongoing affairs.

  • Both partners are not committed to making the relationship work.

Getting to the roots efficiently and wholeheartedly.

We want to be intentional and focused with our time to help you get clarity on where and why repair has failed and where "stuck" begins, and help bridge the pain that fuels these moves. 


This is a commitment in energy, time and finances with 

undivided, uninterrupted  focus on your relationship.

Our intensives are offered over 3 days, Wednesday- Friday.

Typically they are booked 1-2 months out.  


This is a reserved time specifically for you and your relationship.



Outcomes can differ, but couples often describe feeling...

"I don't know why people wouldn't want to do it this way, just gives us time and space to really get this." 

Example Schedule 

Daily 9am-3pm (times can vary)


Day 1:

Morning Session (3 Hours of Assessment).

Lunch Break.

Afternoon Session (1.5-2 Hours).  

Day 2:

Morning session (2-3 Hours).

Lunch Break.

Afternoon Session (1.5-2 Hours). 

Day 3:

Morning session (2-3 Hours).

Lunch Break.

Afternoon Session (1.5-2 Hours). 

Lets meet. 

Our sessions are in person. Our office is located in the Keller area, nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. 

We encourage couples to look at this time like a "get away" or mini vacation where you can focus on each other.

We recommend planning a stay close by where you can recharge and have space to support connection. 

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dallas tx

Start having the relationship you want to have.

Our therapist may not have immediate availability. Intensive's may be scheduled between 4-5 weeks. During consultation, if we move forward, we will find the next available dates that work best for everyone. 

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost? 

$3000. This includes the initial consultation and assessment, assessment materials and review, individual sessions for both partners, and 3 days of intentional focus on your relationship.  

Is it worth the cost? 

You want to know you are getting a return on this investment. This option gives your relationship a fighting chance and can save you money in the long run. 

In Texas the average cost of divorce ranges from $15,600- $23,500, not to mention the emotional and physical toll it takes on you and your family. 

For more info click here

What happens in the initial consultation? 

Consultations are 20-30 minutes over zoom. Both partners need to be present. This is a time to talk about what is bringing you in, your needs and to set expectations. A good mutual fit is so important and the initial consultation gives us a deeper look into that potential.

What happens after the consultation? 

If its a good fit, we get you scheduled for our next available intensive and get forms and consents sent to you through our secure online portal. Forms and deposit are required within 1 week of the consultation.

What can we do to prepare for an intensive? 

We highly encourage reading or listening to Hold Me Tight. by Sue Johnson as this creates understanding and an initial foundation of the work that will be done during the intensive.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule our intensive? 

Intensives are normally scheduled a month out to give adequate time to prepare and plan. The three days are reserved specially for you. Should there be any change or need to cancel/reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Your deposit is non-refundable however, can be placed towards a rescheduled intensive. 

What if I'm not sure this is for us? 

Thats okay! We'd be happy to set up a consultation to explore a bit more with you your case and find the best fit for you! 

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