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Couples Intensive Therapy 

Creating an intentional space, focused on your relationship.

Your relationship is precious, so is your time. You know you need help, you're just not sure where to start. Our intensives provide a space for couples to unpack the stuck places and slow down the friction causing distance to begin rebuilding and restoring closeness and understanding. 


Intensives are designed to "jump start" the process of restoring connection by bringing clarity to those stuck places, creating safety in communication and deepening understanding between each other. How is this different from weekly therapy you may ask? Weekly therapy comes with its own benefits. Some couples benefit greatly from having time and a steady pace to cultivate and build a new, long-lasting bond however, for others weekly sessions at the beginning can feel like water in a desert, enough to get by but not enough to really live. Intensives are not a "quick fix" but they are an opportunity to hit a "pause" button to the current negative cycle and a place to start showing up for each other in a different way. 

Is This For Us?


"We just don't feel on the same page."

"We just aren't connecting like we used to."

"We keep getting stuck in endless fights."

"We fight about the same things all the time"


"I dont feel them "here" anymore." 

"It feels like we're roommates." 

Relationships are hard! They require frequent tune ups and check ins. Unfortunately, as life gets busier, those checks in's get pushed, don't happen as often and we end up getting off course in our relationships. And sometimes, our best attempts to reconnect or get back in tune with each other don't seem to work or even fail. 

Intensives are a great option for couples who: 

  • Can't make weekly sessions due to schedules. 

  • Weekly childcare conflicts. 

  • Feeling stuck in weekly therapy. 

  • Both partners are committed and motivated towards the work.

  • In a crisis.

  • Thinking about separation or divorce but would really like to make it work. 

  • Wanting relief and comfort sooner.  

Who Is This Not For?

  • One or both partners in active addiction.

  • Those in ongoing affairs.

  • Both partners are not committed to making the relationship work. 

What to Expect 

First we get you and your partner scheduled for an initial consultation. Normally, consultations are 20-25 minutes over zoom. This is a time to talk about your needs and to set a foundation for expectations of the intensive. A good mutual fit is so important and the initial consultation gives us a deeper look into that potential.  

If we feel like it's the right fit, we get you scheduled for the next available intensive.

Intensives are offered over 3 days, Wednesday - Friday. 

Consents and forms are sent to review and sign through our secure portal, required within the week of the initial consultation. Partial payment is taken at that time. On the day of your session, the reminder of the payment will be taken. 

Intensives are called that for a reason, they are a commitment in emotional motivation and energy, time and finances. 

Whats the cost? Intensives provide something that weekly sessions can't always do which is undivided, uninterrupted time and focus.

The total cost is $3000. 

Through this process your therapist will be on call as needed (exact hours subject to change based on your needs) during the duration of your intensive to help support and bridge the work.

The end result is equivalent to 3-4 months of weekly therapy.

Before you get started:
We encourage couples to look at this time like a "get away" or mini vacation where they can focus on each other. We recommend planning a stay close by where you can recharge and have space to support connection.
DFW is home to some of Texas' best attractions and restaurants and an amazing place to find culture, fun, and a lively atmosphere. 
Our office is located in Keller, nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, making it accessible to clients and residents throughout DFW and surrounding areas. Whether its a fun and lively environment or quiet and quaint atmosphere that draws you, DFW has it and we'd be more than happy to help you find the right area for you while you focus and make time to reconnect! 
We also highly recommend reading or listening to Hold Me Tight. by Sue Johnson as this creates understanding and an initial foundation of the work that will be done during the intensive.
General Outline of Schedule

Day 1: Morning Session (2-3 Hours of Assessment). Lunch Break. Afternoon Session (2 Hours).  

Day 2 and 3: Morning session (2 Hours). Lunch Break. Afternoon Session (2 Hours). 

Follow Up 

Follow up is an important part to intensives. Just like any medical procedure follow up care is key to create longstanding results. We take the time to match you with an EFT counselor/therapist in your area (if traveling from out of town) for that continued support. If you are local, we know how important it is to find someone that you connect with, if you are interested in continuing with us, availability can be discussed. If you are already working with another provider, we can connect with your therapist, with a completed release of information, and update them on progress. At the time of consultation a follow up place wi​ll be discussed. 

As in any therapy, results are not guaranteed. 

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Ready to get started? 

Let's schedule your initial consultation! 

Thanks for submitting!


Is it worth the cost? 

Investing in your relationship gives it a fighting chance and can save you money in the long run. 

In Texas the average cost of divorce ranges from $15,600- $23,500, not to mention the emotional and physical toll it takes on you and your family. 

For more info click here

What if we need to cancel/rescheudle our intensive? 

Intensives are normally scheduled a month out to give adequate time to prepare and plan. The three days are reserved specially for you. Should there be any change or need to cancel/reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Your deposit is non-refundable however, can be placed towards a rescheduled intensive. 

What if I'm not sure this is for us? 

Thats okay! We'd be happy to set up a consultation to explore a bit more with you your case and find the best fit for you! 

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