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Holding Hands

Reconnecting Hearts. 
Healing Bonds. 

Helping couples and adults find clarity, repair, and hope in Keller, TX 

Our Practice

If your marriage feels distant, disconnected and distressed, you don't have to navigate it alone!

We specialize in helping couples like you, navigate out of the places that feel painful and help you rebuild communication, intimacy and trust. 

Any of this sound familiar? 

"No matter what we say or do, nothing seems to make it better."

"It feels like we're roommates"


"They don't even care." 


"They never listen." 

"We never have sex anymore." 


"I'm in this alone." 


 It leaves you feeling stuck, angry, lost, frustrated, hopeless?


It doesn't have to stay this way...

There is a cycle that needs clarity, so you both can feel understood, and get back on the same team.

I can help with that.

If you are ready to stop the chaotic cycles, and have the meaningful, deep, loving relationship you deserve, let's connect and see how I can help! 


couple holding hands

Our Services

In office and Telehealth Available

Couples Therapy 

Couples Intensive Therapy 

Individual Therapy

Christian Counseling 

Online Therapy 

About Nadine Greer, LMFT-S
EFT Trained

I help couples find their way back to each other!

Your road may not feel possible, but with some clarity and repair, the rebuild can bring hope, strength, and deep love.

I'd love to meet and see if I am the right fit for you! 

What is our approach? 

 I have advanced training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), a gold standard approach rooted in attachment and neuroscience. 

EFT developed a roadmap to love and connection and has helped thousands of couples rebuild what they thought was lost and have deeper more intimate relationships. 

Contact Me Today

1722 Keller Parkway 

Keller, TX 76248


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Thank you for reaching out! I'll be in touch in 24 hours! 

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